Aloha hello!

Hey my esteemed readers! I’m currently on a ferry, enroute to Vancouver. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be driving down (okay, I’m not driving, I’m passenging) with my beloved and his family (also mine, then) to Bellingham and then getting on a plane. To Hawaii. You may have already gathered that, from my title. Did you know “aloha” means both “hello” and “goodbye”? There’s a little bit of something nice in that, though I haven’t put my finger on it yet.

I haven’t been to Hawaii since 2004, when we visited Maui with Ben and Ashley. I, for one, am very much stoked. I wonder if, when we come home, I’ll find a kitten I can’t resist and name it Oahu (that’s how Maui the Hairy got her name). I also ended up getting a Hawaiian tattoo in ’04. So you just never know what could happen. Could be I come home with a mohawk. Or a surfboard. Or, more likely, a new bikini. And sand in my hair that doesn’t come out for 2 weeks.

*** Time Passes***

And now it’s Sunday, and I’m sitting on our patio listening to the crashing waves and finishing this post. I couldn’t remember the incredibly pithy and witty topic I was going to write while I was on the ferry, so I gave up. But now, my friends. Now. NOW I AM IN HAWAII AND I REMEMBER HOW MUCH I FRIGGING LOVE IT HERE. For reals (obviously, based on my use of caps lock, right?). Last time I was here, it was spring of 2004 and I spent much of the ensuing 3 years trying to find a way to move here. Then I got all busy, what with accruing more student debt getting my MBA. And now I am back and I am in love with Hawaii. If I weren’t already married, I’d get down on one sandy knee and propose a lusty engagement, followed by a long and happy life growing old together. With Adam. Of course. And Grimby and the cats. They’d love this sand.

Anyway, I’m here and drinking toasted coconut beer:


and eating my body weight in dried mango: Thank you Ben & Ashley for creating a monster.

Here is my view. Life is very hard for me. Clearly.

It's so far to the beach.

It’s so far to the beach.

We’re staying in Hale’iwa on the North Shore of Oahu. You know; Pipeline, where I won’t be surfing.

We haven’t been to Waikiki yet, but we will, oh we will. Also, I have a theory: Hawaii is way more fun than working. I’ll keep testing it and let you know how it turns out (Spoiler Alert: The theory is correct. I already know this to be true.).



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