Aw, rats.

My sister has rats in her house. Two of them. They are quick and they love to disappear into small cracks and crevices. Usually, a rat in your house would be considered a pest,  but at Michel’s, they are considered a pet. Yup, Perdita and Cinnamon.

Now, when I heard there would be pet rats, I had my concerns. But, they are pretty cute. I like to look at them and maybe play with them a little, but I’m not gonna lie: I wouldn’tt want them as my own pets. I mean, they’re funny and soft, but the problem is that rats have incontinence issues. They pee. All. The. Time. Including at such times as you are playing with them or letting them crawl up onto your shoulder.

I am not a fan of holding things that pee on me (I do not have children, you see). Once per year, Maui pees on me and it is not my favourite thing. Just because I recognize that it sounds like I have a special cat-urine day, I’d like to clarify that it’s on the annual bathing of the cats that Maui lets loose. It ends up being a pretty angry bath time. This year’s has not yet occurred. We’re waiting on the last mats to dissipate. I think she’s holding onto them on purpose, delaying the inevitable. I don’t know why. The cat shampoo is lotus-blossom  scented..

Anyway, my niece’s rats, Perdy and Minnie. We discovered tonight that Minnie may have a thing for Perdy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The only problem is that Minnie’s unrequited love is not in Perdy’s favour. I mean, whatever: Their love life is not really any of my business, but I hope they can still be friends. Minnie’s not using her listening skills. They share an apartment, though, so it’ll be awkward if they don’t sort it out and set up some boundaries.

This is not Emily's rat. But it kind of looks the same.

Off to bed. I’ll try to find a more inspired topic tomorrow.


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