Gettin’ ‘er dun!

Yeah I am! I am proud to say that I have actually begun to take steps to accomplish things in my day-to-day life, for my immediate and less-immediate future. I am literally doing the things that I need to do. This may not seem all that much like an epiphany to you, but you see, I am an epic procrastinator. A dawdler extraordinaire. I can get a whole lot of nothing done, when I feel like it. And I have felt like it a lot.

My favourite modus operandi is to not do things that are important to me, especially if they involve anything resembling a slight risk, because—wait for it, this is true genius—if I don’t try, then I can’t fail. I know what you’re thinking: How come I never thought of that incredibly philosophical approach? Probably because, unlike me, you recognized that your life wouldn’t really go anywhere, or at least not in the direction you were hoping.

So now my go-cart has wheels and a driver. I’m sending emails I’ve held off on for years. It feels pretty good. Thanks, Lululemon, for the encouragement: “Do it now!”

I will! What am I waiting for, anyway?

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