Bay is Blogging, sort of.

Okay.  Step one complete – get blog.  And very important – make it pretty.  Done.  I actually think this may be too pretty. Not sure, we’ll have to see.

This is my blog.  The Blog of Bay.  Not sure what exactly I’m gonna say on here, but of one thing I am certain: It shall be earth-shattering.  Or entertaining.  Whatever you like.  Actually, I take that back.  It’s whatever I like.  Because it’s mine.

Anyway, I’m tired from searching through potential themes and waiting for divine inspiration.  So g’night, and I’ll be in touch soon.  I wonder how I post a picture on this sucka…

2 thoughts on “Bay is Blogging, sort of.

  1. Hey congrats Rachelle! Great first start!

    I’m really looking forward to what comes out of that grey matter you have tucked between your ears. So many blogibilities!

    Keep me posted. Howie.

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