Oh December!

It is December. According to some, we’ve got like 13 days before the end of days. I prefer to think that perhaps the Mayans just ran out of pages in their daytimer. So, now that’s dealt with and we can move on. See? Optimism just saved the planet. Positivity works.

I love December. It’s where I find some of my favourite things, namely: Winter and Christmas. We haven’t put up any decorations yet, because I have rules about such things (no decorating before December 10). It’s important I have these rules; after all, I do listen to Christmas music all year long. What?! IT IS PRETTY MUSIC AND I LIKE IT. So there, all you judgers out there. At least I don’t put my tree up in November and then whine on December 26th about how the season is too commercialized. Whuppaw!

I wish we had snow. That pretty much is a standard condition for me for about 6-to-8 months of the year, though, so that’s hardly newsworthy. Everything is pretty and clean and wintry in the snow. I mean, I actually get a little sad when they break the curse in Narnia, because I think the endless winter was pretty awesome. And the animals talked, so that’s pretty cool. Obviously minus the eee-ville witch. She needed to go and melt.

Um, so I have lots of stuff to write about, on account of how I’ve been all absent, et cetera. But, I have a Christmas craftiness session to head off to, so I’ll have to catch you up laters. I will say, because I know you’re wondering, that I have done some soul-searching (and talked to a counsellor) and am feeling much more okay with a) having anger (turns out I’m human after all), and b) the fact that I can choose to express anger in non-upsetting ways, and c) my dog is, in fact, awesome. Phewf.

Also, this is neither here nor there (nor is it a secret reference to my condition, which is patently NOT-PREGNANT), but EVERYONE is pregnant right now. Do NOT drink the water, if you’re hoping to remain childless. It’s an epidemic. Luckily, these are all amazing people and favourite friends who will have adorable children who will be lucky to have such awesome parents.

Here’s me:

I know, right?


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