Summertime, I love you.

Heyo! Isn’t summer great? I mean, it’s all warm and smells like Hawaiian Tropic (the good scent that made you do this when you applied it, before they went and changed the scent <<shakes head sadly>>).

I’ve been out being all summery, which has been great (there’s that word again), since we’ve had a bunch of warm weather ’round these parts. I had begun to think we would never have summer sun + heat together again, ever. Luckily, it came and things got all toasty. Of course, I have yet to be able to coordinate a trip to a beach/lake/lawn with a bathing suit, so thus far (and really, summer’s kind of wrapping up and slipping into fall), my bronzed glow is restricted embarrassingly and quite obviously to my running and cycling shorts. Sun safe? Yes. Summer fun and sexy? Not so much

I started my archery lessons last week. I’m pretty much a natural. Except for how I managed to repeatedly catch myself with my bow string and wound up with a series of bruises. And yes, I did enjoy explaining how I got them. Is that weird?

Also, know what? You know how they make archery look on TV and in movies? Like Legolas and Katniss? Yeah, that’s not incredibly realistic, it turns out. Now, you guys, this may not surprise you, but it does me, a little. And not just because I’m incredibly trusting and gullible, either. I mean, one would imagine that there must be a nugget, or at least a grain, of truth to what we see on the silver screen. Come on, Hollywood: it’s not like I’ll never figure it out that you’re lying to me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it looks like I will not be

  1. Shooting from a stampeding oliphant.
  2. Shooting rapidly at multiple attackers.
  3. Swiftly plucking arrows from my shoulder-slung quiver and firing them in one graceful motion.

That’s okay, though. It’s still pretty fun and my mom is hilarious (I signed her up for the classes, too)!

We're going that-a-way.

We went sailing on Sunday on my Aunt and Uncle’s boat, The Mantra, in Cowichan Bay. It was awesome. Check out my golden non-marking Sperrys.



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