T-minus 7

Uh huh, in seven days, I’m leaving for France. Paris, for starters. I should pack. And book a wine tour.

Whatevs. Loads of time… Riiight…

So, Adam’s away in Seattle this weekend and I am visiting people up a storm. A little ballet, a little yoga, a little swimming and running. It’s looking good. I started off the fun by mending (badly) a sweater that the moths have treated like an all-night buffet. No biggie, it’s just my favourite (or it was) merino wool sweater. I mean, SERIOUSLY. What’s so delicious about wool? Bloody moths. I see them flying about; I go all ninja on their dusty silver asses. But does that stop them? NO, IT DOES NOT. Because they are bastard people/moths (bonus points if you know where that line comes from).

I’m trying to think of what happened this week. It’s difficult, because I have SO MUCH WORK going on at work that I’m losing what tenuous grip on reality that I had (it was really tenuous, at best). I could work all weekend, but then I kind of figure I’d be a bit of a hypocrite, since I work in health promotion, and we’re meant to be all about work/life balance. Also, I don’t think I’d get it done even if I did work all weekend long. So I won’t. (Pardon me, I’m clearly working through some stuff right now)

I finished The Hunger Games Trilogy last weekend (at the expense of sleep, and it was totally worth it). That story really affected me. I mean, for crying out loud, Katniss was 16! Actually, I was crying out loud, and frequently, at that. The scene with Buttercup did me right in. And sadly, despite the fact that it was a fictional story, I don’t think we’re that far off. The themes and commentary running through that movie/trilogy are pretty deep. Unfair distribution of food? People starving while other people die from overeating and excess? Hmm. Massive chasms separating the wealthy from the poor? Yep. Political power abusing the vulnerable, the very people it should protect?  It’s pretty sad, but pretty realistic, too.

Apart from all that, though, the story was really compelling. The characters were engaging and multi-faceted. On top of that, the main characters were really cool, too. Katniss is an archer. That’s pretty awesome. It also reminded me that I have always wanted to try archery. So, I signed up for an archery course. And, because mom’s always wanted to as well, I signed her up, too. Early Mother’s Day present, since I’ll be in France and can’t make her brunch. Delicious scramble? Bulls eye. Ha! See what I did there?

This will be me. In August. 6 lessons oughtta do it.

I’M GONNA SHOOT BOWS AND ARROWS, YOU GUYS!  And, despite the fact that Adam says that you can’t pull arrows out of a quiver the way you see it in the movies (you know, the cool way, over the shoulder), I’m going to find out for myself. Should be pretty fun! I wonder if I’ll be as good a shot with a bow and arrow as I am with a gun? (whole other story…)

Here is a picture:

This is a pretty awesome Pinterest find!

5 thoughts on “T-minus 7

  1. You’ll be disappointed to know recently when I went to the theatre to see “The Lucky One”… I went in the wrong door and ended up in the theatre for “The Hunger Games” (almost the same kind of movie, obviously) and ran screaming from the theatre as soon as I realised my mistake… I may never see it… well maybe some day, but only at home so I can turn it off if I don’t like it…

  2. I hope you enjoy archery! It’s super fun…and seeing the hunger games totally made me want to do it again. Where are you doing the course at?

  3. Okay – enjoy this — You Were Right, I Was Wrong!

    I watched The Hunger Games while in Vancouver with cousins and my aunt and uncle… and Loved it. Okay I really enjoyed the movie. I’ll never doubt your taste in movies again! (maybe)

  4. See? I knew you’d like it. I found the story and the underlying social commentary to be profoundly moving. I know that sounds lame, especially since it was a blockbuster, but still. Still.

  5. How did I not respond to this? Worst. Blogger. EvAR.

    I’m taking the course through Saanich Rec, and the archery club is in the weirdest little hidden place: It’s along the highway, sort of. You get to it off of Burnside, in behind/past the hospital… I think I’m going to join the club afterwards!

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