The Finish Line

Happy Easter! I was so busy planning my chocolate finding/eating that I forgot that I needed to wrap up my Lenten blogging mission. One blog each day for 40 days. I realize I missed a day, but just for the record, I DID blog on Sundays, which were technically freebies. I’m going to keep it up, I’ve decided, but I’m aiming for a minimum of four posts per week. Not because I don’t want to blog daily (I just know you’d be at a loss without my random thoughts and insightful commentary), but more because I need to make sure I’m not staying up super late just to post, thus inhibiting my early-morning routine. Which makes me grumpy.

Just for the record, I didn’t consume as much dessert as you might think. Actually, that’s a lie: We did find the restaurant we’ve been trying to recall for three days. We couldn’t remember the name and weirdly, Googling “awesome sundae” didn’t provide us with the clarity we hoped to find. All I knew was that the place had stuff hanging from thingys. I know, right? Shocking we couldn’t find it… But then we DID!

Here is what the sundae looked like, before and after:

What's that on the right? Oh, it's the hot-fudge conveyance mechanism. NBD.


The carnage. This took 3 people...

Earlier today, I was looking for a church to attend Easter mass. I found a little one:

The local church, aka Saint James Cathedral

You know, just a small local chapel. Seriously, this place was gorgeous and the music was amazing. There were symphony members and a massive choir. Definitely a post-Whoopie kind of choir, if you get my drift. Here’s what it looked like inside. I don’t know if this photo does this place justice, but it was a lot of beauty:

Heavenly pretty gold dangly stuff!

All in all, a pretty awesome Easter Sunday. Although, no Cadbury Mini Eggs. This may possibly be a good thing. The jury’s still out… (we’ll be finding some mini eggs tomorrow)

I’d write more, but Adam’s sawing logs and it’s making me jealous. Check you later, skaters. Oh wait, one more picture of today’s awesome weather, because it was really an amazing day:

Not sure how I haven't had hay fever yet, but I don't miss it.












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