Week 3…

Yeah, okay, so I have not kept up my end of the bargain. But, to be fair, your end is pretty light on the commitment side, as in, you needn’t do much at all. So, it’s kind of fair.

Plus, the reason I didn’t blog is because my arms were too darn sore to type. Seriously. Ashtanga yoga is traditionally a 6-day practice. Which means that Bay is a pretty sore little yogi.

I’ve been doing Mysore classes, which are basically self-led Primary Series, er-lie in the morning. They’re actually pretty awesome. Although, not gonna lie, it can be easy to perhaps cut yourself a little slack.

In all of my led classes, however, I am amazed by the amount of sweat one body can create. Multiply that by, oh, 18 people, and you have got yourself one very sweaty, humid and stinky room. It’s not pretty. I’m actually past being surprised at how much moisture I can produce in a class, from previously-thought-to-be-sweat-gland-free body parts, such as my shoulders.

In other news, my knees have decided they don’t like lotus position, which I used to avoid because of my bum ankle. Turns out, my ankle’s fine, but my knees react to the added pressure by preparing to launch my patella into the ether. Patella and Ether are words I have learned in YTT.

Speaking of words, I’m having a tough time learning the Sanskrit pose names. They are long, not intuitively obvious, as my stats prof would say, and they seem remarkably similar to one another. I have a plan, involving a lot of writing and rote memorization. Fun times ahead, ahoy hoy.

Off to bed. 5:45 am will be here before I know it and my hamstrings definitely need the beauty sleep…

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