Who knew yoga could be this stressful?

So, I’m trying to balance a full-time job, teaching yoga, following a traditional Ashtanga practice (6 practice days per week) and still having time to sleep.

Teaching at the school I attend is tricky, because, well, the studio’s having some financial trouble (translated: we don’t get paid very often). I was teaching two classes for a government group that wants onsite yoga, but we’ve trimmed it down to one over the summer. I was pretty stoked to only teach two classes, but a teaching offer has come up that is really great. Only thing is, it’s for a Sunday class, which means no weekends away.

Adam doesn’t think I should take it without dropping another class, but that’s so hard. The class to drop, without question, is the one at my school, for many reasons (not getting paid is but one of a myriad of reasons), but I also love my students there. So, to solve it, Adam and I just fought about it and now it’s an hour and a half past when I should’ve gone to bed, seeing’s how I’m up at 6 am to practice.

Seriously. Yoga is stressing me out. That looks wrong even to read… sigh.

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