4-Day Weekends

I wish all weekends were 4 days. That would be awesome. If my weekends were all long ones, I’d look like this every day:

This is what happy looks like.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Weekends, including the one we just had, are a mere two days, instead of the more awesome four. I talked to this weekend and it told me it wishes it were longer. Maybe the government should take a look at this.

I went to hot yoga today. It was very hot. I would write more about this, but I’m all shrivelled from sweating out 90% of my body weight and 110% of my electrolytes, so I’m going to write about it tomorrow, when I have more time and have returned to a normal internal body temperature. Because it’s 10:45 (not that you can tell, because of the no time stamp) and I’m going to bed.

Also, Maui is very whiny these days. More than usual. We’re not sure what’s going on, but we have some theories. I’ll fill you in on them later, after I’ve collected more empirical evidence. Probably she wants tuna juice. That cat loves a juicy can of tuna.

Catch you on the flip flop.



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