What’s so great about Paris?

Well, I don’t really know what’s so great about Paris, because I’ve never been. However, I’m fairly certain that what’s so great about Paris is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. I’ve always, always wanted to visit and be all French and windblown and extremely stylish and chic (because that is what happens when one is in GAIE PAREE). Some of these things may occur. Some may not.

Adam and I are working on a Very Exciting Plan, which involves some Very Awesome People Who Are Favourite. Suffice it to say, I’m going to be scratching another biggie off my Life List. I see berets, baguettes, brie and cobblestones (and apparently lots of dog poop that no one picks up, the barbarians!) in my relatively nearish future.

This is how you look French. It helps if your last name is LeBlanc and you are, in fact, French.

On that note, I call it a Life List and not a bucket list, because thinking about why it’s called a “bucket” list makes me sad and morbid and melancholic.

I still haven’t written about my hot yoga experience yet. It’s still too soon (and I’m still too dehydrated). Tomorrow. I promise.

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