Halfway here & there.

Sittin’ @ Waves Cafe in Gastown, tapping on the iPad (how’s that for dedication? It takes effort to blog on a tablet!). I’m in Vancouver for the weekend with Adam and I’m extremely pleased to report that it is sunny, for a change. Normally, my intention to spend the weekend here jolts Mother Nature into releasing a deluge upon the city for a full 48 hours. Clearly, the curse has been lifted. You’re welcome, Vancouver.

As the title indicates, I’m a little past the halfway mark on Lent and so far, so good. I don’t even miss Facebook. Sure, I’ve missed some parts of it, like posting my gems of insight and communicating with people with whom I’ve evidently lost the ability to contact otherwise. I’ve also missed some events, because without accessing FB invites, I don’t know what’s going on.

But really, I’m enjoying my log-off. I think when I sign back in at Easter, I’m going to see if I can set it to only access my profile page. It’s reading everyone else’s statuses for aeons that sucks my life away like a vacuum kills any spider in my house. I’d like to think I can just exercise self-control, but in this one regard (and only this one), I’m a realist. We’ll see…

I have definitely gotten more sleep, done more chores and spent more quality time with mes amis. Tuesday nights are now movie nights with my neighbour & colleague extraordinaire, Gillian, and my bestie Ashley. So far, we’ve watched all 3 Twilight movies, discussed the benefits of Team Jacob versus Team Edward (I may have given my neutral stance away when I inadvertently referred to “that pack of dogs”. Oops.), drunk some lovely wine and bubbly, and eaten obscene amounts of junk food. Gillian makes The World’s Best Popcorn. Last week, she suggested we try to include at least one food item that has been grown. Wine comes from grapes, right? They grow…

So yeah, just checkin’ out the big smoke and the home of our future. We walked the entire Seawall (9 km, not counting the walk from False Creek to get there, with a stop at Hamburger Mary’s for breakfast sustenance to survive the journey) today and this traverse helped me to conclude (at about km 3), that my Pumas were indeed too small. I’ve long suffered with tight footwear, due to a lifetime of buying dance shoes and street shoes with the same fit: tight.

But now, the Pumas are in a garbage and I’m sporting my first pair of Fluevogs. The BBC boot in black, because I never buy black. Long have I coveted and long have I saved. Of course, I nearly didn’t get them, because after saving so long, actually dropping the cash seemed frivolous. It wasn’t: they look awesome and feel like it, too. Ooh.

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