The To-Do List

Seems like I just never have enough time. What with my Lenten FB fast rapidly reaching completion, I can’t help but look back and think, gosh, but I didn’t accomplish much.

I have NOT written my proposed weekly (at minimum) posts. I have not repotted the plants that are growing out of their pots in search of more hospitable accommodations. I haven’t even touched my flute case. And Wrinkly Clothes Mountain is no closer to an ironing board than I am to a million dollars (and that’s a looooong way off).

I am, however, teaching 3 yoga classes a week, in addition to trying to still fit in my 6 days of practice, 3 mornings at the pool and 3 morning runs. I say “trying” when I really mean “failing”. What has happened to my long-established morning routine? I’ve gotten it partway back, only to be waylaid by an angry shoulder, the mother of all blisters and really bad sleep debt.

Luckily, Adam’s back this weekend (hallelujah!), which is good, because I a) love him, and b) am clearly unable to operate like an adult and send myself to bed when he’s not here.

On that note, I must bid adieu, because it’s already past my pumpkin hour, which means I may wimp out of my a.m. practice… sigh…

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