Just call me Columbo.

Why, you ask, should you call me Columbo? Well, my reasons are twofold:

  1. First, Columbo is an amazing show and Peter Falk was an awesome detective.
  2. I’ve figured out why I can’t get up on time.

As for #2, get yourself ready for a real groundbreaker: The reason I’ve been lazy in my mornings as of late is because I’ve been staying up too late. I know. Shocking. So, it’s 12:18 am and I’m facing the same issue.

This evening’s excuse is that I had to fold Laundry Mountain (since I seem to not have servants). In order to do it, and stretch the chore as long as humanly possible, I watched Thor whilst folding away.

Here’s the thing about Thor (actually, they are multiple things): I actually rewatched half, because I didn’t understand what was going on the first time I saw it. It didn’t really help. I was still confused. I read the plot on Wikipedia and IMDB, which helped somewhat, but, my friends, honestly?  Still pretty confusing. Kenneth Branagh directed it and it had Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins, so I figured it had to be worth it.

I decided I liked it, despite my confusion. Because the world of make believe is always so much better than the real world. Also, I think I have a crush on Thor. Not the actor who played him, Chris Hemsworth (although he’s very handsome), but on Thor. You guys. He can fly and he wears a cape. Those of you who know me will recall that these are both things I aspire to achieve when I grow up (which I anticipate being any day now), with the addition of a tiara. I look very good in a tiara.

This is on my fridge, courtesy of Ben & Ashley.


I may watch it again. But I don’t think I’ll understand it much better.

Anyway, that’s the mystery solved at least. I need to go to bed earlier. So many of my problems could be solved with an earlier bedtime.

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