Sochi 2014, here I come!

Okay, so I realize that I missed yesterday’s post. My bad. Thing is, we were driving up to Mount Washington and you know, stuff happened. Like, for example, we only reached the cabin after 10:30 pm and then we had to dig our way in. Well, actually, Ben dug, Adam helped, and Ashley and I offered helpful commentary on the process. I think the guys really appreciated our helpful tips and encouragement. Seriously, my friends, there was no entry to the cabin. Here’s what it looked like after at least 30 minutes (might’ve been longer: my toes were freezing in my Hunters, and yes, I realize that they are not snow boots):

The Ice Cave.

Anyway, I totally went snowboarding today. The last time I strapped something to my feet and slid down a mountain, I was about 12. You may recall that I was a little apprehensive about this new foray into winter sports. I’m not known for being particularly bold when it comes to activities that contain a smidgen of danger to my personal health and physical safety. Adam and I were both eagerly anticipating my certain meltdowns on the slopes, wherein I would lie on my back, crossing my arms, pouting while announcing that “this is TOO hard. It’s stupid and I hate it.”

You’ll be pleased to know this little scenario didn’t manifest itself. I know Adam was, at least. I was unimpressed initially, when we had one foot strapped to the board and then we had to “skate” sideways. My left knee (not my favourite knee) felt like it was being twisted to face the direction from whence I’d come and, you guys, it DID. NOT. FEEL. GOOD. I was concerned about my impending injury when I was finally attached with both feet to the board.

Turns out, it really is better when they’re together. My feet, that is. No problem getting up, and zoo0-0-00-(Oomph—that’s me falling on my rear)-00m! I was off! Actually, it was more of a slow slide, but you guys, still. I was snowboarding! I made some turns (which is apparently not the easiest thing for a newbie to do!) and merrily boarded down the runs at a pretty good clip. I’m not even making that up. Ashley said so! I think I may be Canada’s next best hope for the gold in Sochi. I’ll keep you apprised. One thing I am at this point pretty sure I am not is an ambi-turner.

So I feel pretty good about it and now I need all kinds of expensive and cute snowboarding gear. I still need a surfboard, too, come to think of it, but that’s another post.

I’m not sure if I’ll be hitting the slopes again tomorrow. Not because it wasn’t super fun, but more because I’m waiting to see how my quads/hamstrings feel in the morning (I’m not as young as I once was, you know). Snowboarding is hard work! Luckily, we took a break at Fat Teddy’s for a mid-ski and obligatory green beer. After all, it’s my first year not Irish dancing in the pubs (I miss it!)… And I’m about to get all up in the après ski, so I shall bid you adieu!

Drinking and wearing green for March 17th, mountain style.

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