Something in the air.

Actually, I think it’s in my tummy and it does NOT feel good. There is a distinct possibility that I

  1. drank too much coffee today
  2. ate too many tortilla chips
  3. caught whatever everyone at work has had…

I hate to bring toilet talk into this, but I keep going to the bathroom, just in case. The problem is I hate throwing up. I don’t like to think about it and I don’t even like to write it. I know I’d feel better, but ugh. Barf. That was the wrong thing to write…

I’ll distract myself instead. Today at work I wrote a post about sneakers. I was looking for links about running shoes and I found pics of those Vibram 5 Fingers. You know those somewhat interesting-looking “barefoot” runners. The ones with the toes, which, coincidentally, cause me to look like this when I see them on feet downtown? Because they should NOT be worn, probably ever, but definitely not while walking about downtown. In public. Not exercising in the pursuit of fitness.

So wrong. Here are my runners:

"Work appropriate" is a state of mind. As long as the state of mind isn't those weird toe shoes.

Okay. I’m off to stare at the toilet and feel sorry for myself.


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