Happy Friday! Oh, wait, it’s only Tuesday…

This was A Very Busy Day. I’m just getting used to being a mobile worker (isn’t she mobile?! Working on a chair on the ocean!), which means I have no desk space to call home. This is fine by me, but there are definitely some learning curves. After having struggled to shove all my stuff (I cycle to work and needed to bring teaching gear today, too) into two lockers on different floors, I found space to work on the fourth floor, which, might I add, has a lovely view.

Here are some of the lessons I learned today:

  1. After getting (relatively) organized to work in the free address space, make sure you have a pen/pencil/writing implement, or else you will need to go back down to your locker to find one.
  2. After making the trek for the quill pen or whatever you write with, don’t forget a spoon with which to eat the yogourt & granola you have on your desk.
  3. After finding a spoon and eating the granola/yogourt combo, you may be thirsty. You will probably wish you had a drinking vessel. Back down the stairs you go.
  4. Productivity, which is increased by working in a location away from distractions, can be reduced by the need to run up and down 2–4 flights of stairs for necessary items.
  5. I will lose weight working this way. Not too shabby for me and just in time for summer!

I taught two yoga classes tonight, having shifted my Thursday class to tonight because of the long weekend. I am tired. Adam put on the new Game of Thrones, which it is far too late to watch, but I cannot not watch. I wonder which character will die that I have grown to love. Sometimes, it’s better not to care…

I gotta go and pay attention, because I can’t afford to not know what’s going on in this show.

Also, big bummer: Ben and Ashley were meant to come with us to Seattle this weekend, but might not be now. This super sucks. Adam’s in coaching training for two full days, during which time I will be completely on my little lonesome. I am wishing I knew peeps in Seattle…

This is a cat. In a box. I needed a picture for this post. You're welcome.

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  1. How can I not comment and say <3 the cat in a box.

    Game of Thrones? hmm… perhaps I should watch that.

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