Summertime gone by?

As I sit and enjoy this glorious summer weather, with long hot nights and beautiful blue skies, I sometimes wonder if the happy-go-lucky, easy and relaxing days are gone, or just gone for me. Does summertime seem less idyllic because I’m a year older each time I greet its warm and welcoming days? Or has it always been this way, with people wondering what’s happened to the good old days?

I miss the days of heading out to the lake, and jumping in the refreshing water. Long nights spent sitting out on a patio with friends, sharing food, drinks, friendship and waning evening sunsets.

Where have they gone, I wonder… but then I remember all the activities, plans and chores I seem to have in endless abundance. Maybe I’ve made my own life too confusing. Is that also the natural way of things? Maybe we all just get so caught up, we can’t see the days whipping by, and we miss what we once so took for granted.

I’d like to go back there. I wonder where that dirt road is now…

watchin' the tide roll away, wastin' time...

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