Rachelle LeBlanc Quiney, MBA

The hat. Funny how a hat that implies smarts should look so silly...

It’s official! I’m a Master! Finally, it’s on paper, so everybody knows it! More to come as I ruminate on what the completion of this final stage of my master’s degree means for me, and what kind of beginning it entails!

Happiness is:

It's a shoe, that's ballet pink, like a ballet slipper, made by my favourite ballet maker. Oh my heart.

Many things really, but today, it’s shoes and sugarcookies. How I love them. This is just a brief introduction to my love of shoes. I’d call it a shoe fetish, but then it sounds dirty, like I do weird things with my shoes. Which I do NOT. I just wear ’em. Sometimes, though, I do take them out and look at them all lined up. But that’s not weird – I do that with my nail polish and eyeshadow (you do NOT want to know how many eyeshadows I own. I don’t want to know, either), arranging them by colour family.

My current fixation? Bloch Shoes. A dancewear company originally, I always wore Bloch’s ballet & pointe shoes, not to mention pretty much every other dance shoe, from tap to jazz, that I ever wore. So, yeah, I’m weirdly biased. But hey, I know they fit. I also know they’re made in France (sigh), have leather soles (mmm), and smell like my first pair of ballet shoes. Oh yeah, and they’re like $200 (different kind of sigh here). I don’t actually find that exorbitant, but I do find my bank account lacking in enthusiasm.

So for now, we just gaze on them. Daily. Maybe next post I’ll tell you where this shoe thing started. It’s a good story to me.  I’m off to line up my bronzers…