I are friends with wirds.

Yeah, so today was a sad day for my professional wordsmithing skills. Let me explain, but first let me just point out that I realize it’s technically tomorrow, so I missed a day of blogging. However, I haven’t gone to bed yet, so I’m counting it as Saturday. My blog, my rules.

Back to my vocabulary issues: Adam and I were over at Nicole’s place, having a games/appies night with some awesome people (I hang with the best of the best!). We started out with Catchphrase, which also was the way we ended the night. Actually, we just played it for, I don’t know, maybe 17 hours straight? (slight exaggeration, but it was at least several hours)

This game is like trivial pursuit, mixed with cranium and charades and a healthy dose of hot potato. It’s the best fun. We’re going to need to get it. We’ve been meaning to get some fun games for a while. This one allows conversation and is hilarious. Basically, you get a catchphrase and have to get others to guess it, but you can’t use the words from the answer. This gets quite tricksy. There are moments where we each shone like the Rainman, and moments that were much less inspiring.

My stellar low was when I was stuck finding an antonym for “on”. I went through every other preposition I could think of, getting the team to shout the opposites of “in”, “behind” and “under”, even mentally switching to a French song I knew from childhood. I did not succeed. Clearly, I was over thinking, though I may just have been overtired.

Anyway, after losing the point, I cried out, “what is the opposite of ‘on’?”, to which everyone replied, in chorus, “Um, ‘off’?”.

Right. Off.

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