On losing longterm attachments.

I’m referring mostly to a couple of moles, to which I’ve grown fairly attached over the years, largely due to the fact that they’re kind of stuck on me, or I on them. I was a bit concerned about a mole I didn’t recall as being there previously, but wasn’t particularly worried, which translates to me taking about 6 months to book an appointment with my doctor to check it out.

And here’s a note: Maybe, when seeing your doctor about a concerning mole, try not to be an eejit and get a brutal sunburn on your back two days before your appointment. You will get a lecture. And let me tell you, getting a lecture about sunburn damage while you’re in a fair degree of pain from your moment (okay, more like several moments, or even hours) of indiscretion is completely unnecessary. Trust me.

The lowdown is that the mole I was worried about is nothing to worry about, but two more unfortunately are, and ergo, shall be coming off. I wouldn’t mind too much, but one of them is on my left forearm and I’m kind of used to seeing it there. It looks like a little turtle, which is, incidentally, much the same reason my doctor wants to remove it. Sigh.

I have so far heard that it’s quite painful and leaves an ugly scar, or that it doesn’t hurt at all and I won’t notice it. We will see. On September 9th…

Ignoring problems to make them disappear.

Apparently doesn’t work. My left knee has decided to be all stupid about something. I’m not sure what I did, or whether some other joint, like my elbow, said something to piss it off, but seriously. Let’s communicate and move on.

See, I’d like to help it. But I don’t know what it needs. I hear it clicking and cracking. And occasionally, I can tell it really, really wants to bend backwards like an ostrich leg. But I don’t know what that means.

This is super-annoying. I have busted my ankle to the point of unbelievability, torn hamstrings on both legs (on multiple occasions), suffered hamstring-related nerve damage, injured my neck and put up with scoliosis, but at least my knees have always played nice. And now this.

Please, please, please get better knee! I’ve taken a week off running, no dance classes for 3 weeks and cut my yoga practice down, leaving out any potentially knee-impacting asanas. I’m going crazy here. Please get better. I miss you when I didn’t think about you.

Kay, thanks. I hope this chat helped. I really meant it.

It seems to be the wee small ligament attaching to my fibula. Sigh.