On Curling (hair, not rocks) and Tuesdays

Yeah, so I’m about to run off to bed, but I wanted to post something quickly. We’re holding our Workplace Health & Safety 2012 Conference, so I was being all conference-y today.

Today being Tuesday, I also taught my last class of Yoga Ballet Bend & Stretch at Oak Bay Rec. I called the desk, fervently hoping that there would not be enough students for the next session to run, but alas! The class is a go.

Don’t get me wrong, my friends: It’s not that the class hasn’t been fun. It’s just that it takes more prep and has fewer students, so it’s more work/time, less pay (not that it’s just about the money, but when we’re tallying up pros and cons, it counts) and quite frankly, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m too darn busy. I was hoping to reclaim my Tuesdays, since the class is smack dab in the middle of the night (7–8:15 pm).

Anyway, whatever. It’s running, so I decided that rather than wallow in it, I’ll get stoked about it instead. I tried wallowing and it wasn’t much fun. So now, I’m trying to wrangle up as many students as possible, to make the class as fun as possible. The more, the merrier, right? We’ll see. At least I’ll be done in another 8 weeks, which will also have seen the end of my Camosun class (another good thing, but still another thing, nonetheless). Basically, my weeknights are gonna feel free like Hermes in a sunbeam, all at once. It’s going to be amazing. In 8 weeks, I mean. It’ll be amazing then.

Oh and also, I’m curling my hair in a creative way that my friend Annie told me about. I have a sneaking suspicion it works better when you have longer hair. Time will tell. More specifically, about 7 hours will tell, because that’s about how long I’ll be asleep on this experiment (also known as my head).

Ciao, guys!