Oh Day.

You know when you can feel things ramping up at work and you’re mildly concerned because you have no idea what you’re doing? No? Just me? Well then. Aren’t I lucky.

I’m feeling morose. On account of it being Thursday and all. Thursdays go from 8:30 am until 10 pm. That is long. I cannot brain anymore. Though, my neighbour in InDesign tonight made me laugh so hard tonight that it nearly made up for the day of meh. You know when you are laughing at something that’s not really that funny, but you can’t stop? Those moments that occur usually at incredibly appropriate time and places, like in class, or church. You guys. I was crying. Tears of mirth.

Well, this made me smile. I like this bear, who likes California. I like California, too. I could so use a road trip right about now.

I'm not stealing this image. I'm promoting it. Buy this print. I want to.

It’s almost the weekend. Come on, Friday!

Speaking of weekends, this Saturday is Adam’s Law grad formal. I’m pretty excited. The girls and I are getting mani/pedis (ooh!). I’m still not sure what to wear, though. “Formal” is throwing me. Do I wear an evening gown? Because I could, you know. I have several (just in cases). I also have tiaras. I need to wear them more, too, so that’d really solve a couple of problems.

On that note. I’m off. Ciao.

Oh wait, before you go, I should mention that I could probably spend a lot of time on www.icanhascheezburger.com. This owl is AWESOMESAUCE, for 2 reasons:

  1. It is an owl. Enough said.
  2. It’s bowing to my royal self, not unlike that employee at Disneyland who MADE MY DAY!

Moving day.

Okay, so we didn’t really move, but we did shift our office around so that it’s a two-person-friendly workspace. Here are some of the highlights:

  • We were able to vacuum kitty litter that has probably been hiding for nearly five years.
  • We moved the desk (it’s really a glass table from Ikea, but it’s super cool, so there) from against the wall, to the middle of the room, so we will work across from each other. This will enable us to gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes while we tap out work-related frustration on our matching MacBook Pros. We’re so cute.
  • The dresser has moved into the corner, instead of against the wall. Yes, we have a dresser in the office. Why? Because our bedroom doesn’t fit one anywhere. Looong story.
  • Hermes came and checked it all out by weaving through all the new nooks and crannies. We’ve moved the litterbox ever so slightly over. I’ll keep you apprised as to the outcome of that daring ploy.

Hermes is in his office.

I’m quite excited to see how this works. We both think it looks better. And it means that Adam isn’t stuck working at the dining room table. We’ll see what happens when he’s coaching and needs to take a client call at the same exact time that I’m working to deadline. It’s the perfect storm and it’s inevitable.

Here are some fun facts about this evening’s moving efforts:

  • Number of meltdowns had by Bay: 2
  • Number of meltdowns had by Adam: 0
  • Number of yoga spaces lost: 1 (I’m back in the dining room, which works better, floor-wise, but less well if Adam’s banging around in the kitchen. We shall see…)
  • Number of antihistamines taken by Bay to combat all the itchy-throat-causing dust: 1

And with that, fine friends, I’m off to bed. Oh, actually, one more thing: I needed to draft up some questions and answers for Pacific Tattoo (we’re doing this cool thing called ChatterHigh, where students can earn points for answering questions on various educational topics). I got the questions all done, and I must say, it’s extremely fun making up the wrong answers for multiple choice. I always thought it might be and now I know.

Okay, now I’m going to bed. Zzz…