Star Trek: Original Series, Original Awesome.

So, Adam and I have been watching the original Star Trek series. And it is awesome. There’s no other word for it.

The makeup is amazing. And by amazing, I mean terrible. Especially since all species’ physical attributes are portrayed solely through the use of eyeshadow. It seems the more evil you are, the worse your eyeshadow will be. If you have several layers of colour, you’re up to no good. Makeup artists had clearly not developed the blending techniques we see today.

It’s kind of fascinating, actually, to see how much TV has changed in 50 years or so. We’ve been trying to sort out whether this was meant to be incredibly campy, or if that’s just our perception of it, because we’re used to, um, more evolved special effects. Oh yeah, and plot lines. I’ve grown accustomed to plots in episodic television.

I’ve gotta say, even though I like The Next Generation best (followed closely by Voyager), we just can’t stop watching the original series. I think it might be the pants. You know, those short ones, with the ruffle on the bottoms. I wonder if Lululemon will ever make similar pants. If they did, they’d probably look ridiculous, but I’d probably still buy a pair. Don’t judge, guys.

In other exciting news, I started to bake brioche, and by started, I mean that I read the recipe. I decided it would be too onerous, so opted instead to make a fool-proof Italian loaf with parmesan and black pepper. It did not work. 100 percent of the time, my bread only rises roughly 50 percent of the time, choosing instead to become an excellent building material for villages in third-world countries, as opposed to a delicious baked treat. Yes, people, I’m anthropomorphizing my bread. It’s fine. We’re going to use this loaf to prop the door open when we bring in the groceries, which will include bread from the bakery, which we buy because 100 percent of the time that we buy it, it’s risen 100 percent of the time. Statistics. So intuitively obvious.