Prom 2012!

Tonight is Adam’s Law School grad formal. I am VERY excited. I don’t get nearly enough opportunities to get dolled up and prettified, so I’m getting right into the spirit! This morning, the wives of the law grads (and the one lawyer-to-be who is a wife), all went for manicures and pedicures together. Davis kindly and generously took us all for that treat and Val brought wine (we waited until 12:04 pm, because we have some standards). My nails are an amazing orangey red, called “My Chihuahua Bites”. I feel like Gloria from Modern Family.

Because it’s obviously all about me, I’ve been quite concerned about what I should wear. I hear “formal” and I think floor-length ball gown. I have several of these on hand (of course, right? A girl always needs to be prepared for fabulous parties and fancy shindigs). But I don’t want to get there and be way overdressed, even though, according to Oscar Wilde, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” The other problem is that from ball gowns, I have oodles of sundresses and not a lot in the mid range. Any dresses in the cocktail range are all hand-me-downs, and they’re all a little big. I mean, that’s better than them being too small (especially given my shocking propensity towards laziness and missed workouts as of late), but still. Strapless dresses that don’t fit quite right are a problem.

I am wearing a gold dress and gold peep-toe heels. Seeing’s how the sun only made her grand debut two days ago, my legs are still pasty looking, but whatevs. Some of the ladies are getting their hair done, which, in retrospect, would’ve been a good idea for me. I can do French braids, but apart from that and ponytails, I am not skilled when it comes to styling my hair, which is currently at The Most Difficult length ever. In fact, I’d love to write more, but I have to pore over Pinterest to see if there’s any way of saving this mop from looking so, well, moppish.

Here are my feet. I always feel like I should apologize to the person working on my feet, because 20+ years of dancing and copious amounts of swimming, running and yoga make the job a little tougher…

At least my feet are cute (if you don’t think they are, keep that to yourself. I think they are.):

Lucky Feet!

I gotta go figure out my hair. I’m pretty sure it will involve some degree of French braiding and ponytail.