You know you’re a grown up when…

Today, I used my lunch break to hoof it to China Town, so I could get soap. Uh huh; soap. Not just any soap, mind you, but little cute ones from France that smell AMAZING (all the best things are French, says the Acadian girl). For serious, you guys. You should smell the ananas (that’s pineapple, friends) soap. If you come over, you can! Then I got a soap dish (will the excitement of my life never abate?). It’s a plain, clear glass one. I heart it. I’ve decided bar soap is better for the environment than liquid soap, so that’s why this little sudsy endeavour began.

Actually, the entire reason for this little jaunt was so I could visit the shop cats there and in Fan Tan Alley. All these shop cats are super friendly, lovely, soft and purry creatures. My own two cats are much less of all those adjectives. Yup, Maui and Hermes are ingrates. Good thing they’re so cute…

Anyway, here are those cats, for your viewing pleasure. They were chillaxin’, big time. The big black one, though it’s hard to tell from the photo, is roughly the size of my car. He’s a big boy (but not just fat, like Monsieur Le Hermes). The short-haired tortie looks a little like Minnette the 2nd, for those of you who remember my late confidante of 15 years.

So handsome & luxurious!

“You may pet me now.”









Just for the record, while torties are really pretty, I’m not ever getting another one. They’re nuts. My vet was surprised I’d picked Maui, another tortie, because “torties are all weird, genetic freaks.” They call the bizarreness “tortitude“. If you will. Isn’t that cute.