Attention Deficit Hyperac—, Mmm! Ice cream!

I was going to write about my ADHD tendencies, but once I started thinking about it, I just couldn’t stop other thoughts from flying in. And then I thought about cupcakes, which led to thoughts of ice cream. Ice cream is pretty much my favourite. Along with pie, but I canNOT go down that rabbit hole right now, or else I will just sit here salivating about cherry pie and get nothing done at all. It is pure coincidence that this image says pie. Or is it…?

Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi.

I still have a thing of peppermint candy ice cream left over from Christmas. It used to be called candy cane ice cream, but I think they got sued by the King of Christmas Candyland or something. Because now it is called peppermint candy ice cream, which is a much less exciting name. It still tastes like magical wonderfulrishical happiness, though! I get a tub of it every year from my wonderful in-laws. I have to work for it, though, lest you be thinking I’m the world’s luckiest girl (which I am, just for the record).

There might be a pretty ribbon I need to unwind and follow, or a riddle for me to solve. Each time, I run downstairs, check the deep freeze, hug my ice cream and replace it in the freezer, and then sprint back upstairs to announce that I had found nothing at all. “Nothing to see here, folks.” Certainly nothing that needed to be shared. Come ON: This kid wasn’t born yesterday!

Moving on, from ADHD (I’ll cover that one soon, I promise. Ooh, LOOK! Hermes…”), to cupcakes and then ice cream, to ZOKU! Ben and Ashley have this and I feel like we need it. Adam feels differently about this. Pshaw. You can make Christmas popsicles! Halloween popsicles! Disgusting popcorn-flavoured popsicles (buttered popcorn Jelly Bellies make me barf). These delicious treats (minus the popcorn ones) have their own blog! I could actually get this fun household necessity with the points from our credit card, for FREE. Or I could save up the points and get a food processor, which we actually need. Adam thinks I will only use the popsicle maker once.

He *might* be right.

Don't eat these ones. They are gross.