At last!

Adam and I got groceries tonight. This may not sound like a big deal, but seriously, you guys, it’d been at least a month since our last dedicated grocery trip.

I’d been eating dinners that were really just mixed items from the fridge. Not even enough ingredients for an omelette. Last night, dinner was as follows:

  1. Fried eggs.
  2. A piece of toast.
  3. A handful of grape tomatoes.
  4. A handful of baby carrots, dipped in (see next item):
  5. Hummus.
  6. A pickle.

This is not a satisfying meal. And I’m not all that picky, either, but even my undiscerning palate was unimpressed.

Anyways, since we got groceries, I had just enough time to make a salad (I’d have taken a photo, but I was getting hangry and forgot) and write an article that was due today for the next issue of UVic’s Business Class magazine. It’s my several-th article for the publication. I’m not sure how many I’ve written exactly and I’m too lazy to look it up.

So, good night. Adios. Farewell. Oh, this is starting to look like a song from The Sound of Music…