D00d, where’s our car?

Law Grad Formal was nothing short of AWESOME (requires all caps to convey my happiness). You know, I made some fabulous friends during my MBA (I believe it’s normal for people to bond during highly intense and traumatic experiences, at least according to Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in Speed. It’s in a movie, so it must be true), and there are a couple of people I know I’ll be friends with forever. But when it comes to the people we’ve met through Adam’s law school experience, I’m thrilled at the bountiful abundance of exceptional, talented, lovely-inside-and-out, funny and clever people with whom our lives have been blessed.

Have I mentioned that they are all exceptionally good-looking?

The handsome gentlemen of The Old Swingers Club.

And also stunningly beautiful 😉

The gorgeous feminine side of The Old Swingers Club

[Just for the record, because he’s about to become a lawyer and I don’t want to get sued, I’d like to attribute these amazing shots to the fine photography skillz of Mr. Ryan Johnson]

Anywho, last night was super-awesome-amazing good times. To say the least. Know what’s pretty fun? Having everyone you meet say, “Oh you’re Bay? Adam’s wife? He’s such an amazing guy!” Never gets old hearing that kind of stuff! Adam’s speech (voted by his peers, along with his fellow student, Darcy, to address the class) was perfect. Thought-provoking, humorous and inspired. I got all misty, and saw several other people wiping their eyes. I’m so lucky to have married this guy. For real.

He’s going to put his speech up on his website and when he does, I’ll link to it here!

Since I know you’re all dying to know how my ensemble worked out (No? You’re not? Oh well, I’m telling you anyway), you’ll be pleased to know that it was a hit! I felt pretty good, too, which is always nice. Not that you need compliments to feel good about yourself, but you know what, my friends? It doesn’t hurt. Not one bit. And the big wildcard of the evening, a.k.a. My Hair, was a success. I did an intricate kind of updo, with French braids on my temples, a small bouffant (I teased it! Me! TEASING my hair!), and then 93 trillion bobby pins holding up the curled ends. You can kind of see it in this photo:

We're blowing kisses. You're welcome.

There was a professional photographer at the formal, doing a photo booth. I LOVE the whole photo booth thang. It came about just after our wedding (just missed that trend…) and it’s such a stellar way to capture all the guests at an event, have a little fun and create memories. I love them. They typically involve props and hilarity. We did a bunch of group shots and couple shots, so I can’t wait to see them! I’ll share ’em when we get ’em!

I could go on and on, but I’m tired, because of the late night good times (and possibly many adult beverages). I was definitely dragging my rear today. I was going to get up at 9 am and go for a run, followed by hot yoga/sweat-o-rama at 1 pm. The run did NOT happen.

Oh well, I thought, I’ll catch yoga now and then run later. At precisely the moment I needed to leave to get to yoga on time (it’s not within walking distance), I remembered that our car was parked somewhere downtown: We’d abandoned it in favour of being responsible adults and cabbing… So, I caught a cab to the car, but alas! it was too late to go to yoga.

So I went for a run and caught the later yoga class, at 3:45 pm. Oh wait, no I didn’t—I watched bad movies with the boys, didn’t run at all, and missed that class, too. At 5 pm, I kicked myself in the rear and dragged my sorry self to yoga after all, for which I’m pretty glad. I wonder if the people around me could smell the haze of night-before-excess that I was sweating out (“Does anyone else smell pinot gris?”).

What a great weekend. Awesome. Thank you, Weekend!